About the Founder/ Director

I founded Heart Connections in 2016 when my 4 daughters were all attending college, my older son was in High School and surprise son was 4 years old.

Yes, 6 wonderful children! I home schooled them for 13 years, volunteered in or coached some of their extra-curricular activities and taught Spanish on the side to classes of home schooled kids for 8 years.

With 4 daughters in college I needed to find full time work, yet I had (and still have) a strong desire to remain home with my last son. Starting an in home day care utilizes all the skills in child care and teaching I’ve developed over the years.

I am so excited to welcome your children into my home!

Mission Statement

Heart Connections Family Child Care is committed to providing high quality child care for families with children from infancy through preschool. Our low child to adult ratio and age integrated approach values each child’s uniqueness and we treat all with respect and affection as individuals.

We believe in sparking a child’s curiosity utilizing their own interests and leading with nurturing, educational, fun, and appropriately challenging activities. With our method we are able to keep young children of the same family together, nurturing their individual family unity!

My Goal? To provide your kids with the love and experiences I would like my own children to have.

–Genevieve Free, founder.