Our Philosophy

Heart Connections has chosen to mimic family life by integrating children from infancy to elementary school age kids. This age integration creates a unique synergy for all the kids with the older ones learning compassion, helpfulness and leadership skills. Older kids are good at encouraging and teaching the younger ones, who benefit by learning skills at a faster rate.


Here at Heart Connections infants are assigned one primary caregiver who specializes in working with your child, whether holding him/her during all bottle feedings, talking to him/her, singing nursery rhymes with body motions to fully captivate your young one, providing tummy time, or giving your child space to play on his/her own, giving baby massages and teaching sign. Caregivers watch for the baby’s cues for nap times and all the baby’s needs.


This is the “I do it” stage and we value letting toddlers work on their skills even though this approach takes longer! Toddlers are given many activities to choose from and often join the older kids!


Older children get to choose areas of interest (i.e. horses) and learning will take the forms of reading story books/poems about horses (literacy), creating art, doing a science project, etc. all surrounding the children’s chosen theme. Activities your child can choose from are planned to enhance social, physical and academic skills including the arts (drama, working in clay, drawing/painting, songs), music, creative movement, counting games and life skills such as helping with meal prep and more. We will stay on the given theme for as long as the children remain interested, be it one week or one month! The key is to impart a love for learning. It’s a Heart Connection that is important for them to make!


We love it when our parents volunteer to go on a field trip with us or simply to come and read a book, play an instrument, tell a story or anything that suits their fancy. Children LOVE it when their parents come and share some time in day care with them.